Our mission is to provide support for Global Conservation of forest & mountains...

Our non-profit organization strives to provide consultation on Global sustainable development of forest including forest protection.

Global Forest Conservation Association (GFCA)

(Persatuan Pembangunan Konservasi Hutan Global)

Projects we are focusing on

Forest Protection

Forest protection is crucial for maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity and trees are also essential for life on Earth. They provide oxygen, absorb & store carbon, regulate the climate, support biodiversity and provide habitat for countless species. They also offer many benefits for human well-being, such as food, fuel, medicine, shelter, and recreation.

Sustainable forest development for hiking and climbing can help balance human needs with forest environmental protection. All conservation efforts like tree planting in protected areas and wildlife corridors are some of the effective ways to conserve and restore the environment, as well as to improve the quality of life for people and wildlife. We will explore many benefits of tree plantation and many other conservation efforts in Malaysia and in Global areas in South East Asia through our partners.

Mountain Conservation

Mountains, they’re the place to reconnect to nature, to relax and to enjoy a clean environment and fresh air while hiking. As such, mountain conservation is imperative for safeguarding all unique ecosystems in the mountains. The popularity of hiking in the mountains during the current pandemic clearly showed the need of humans to enjoy nature and it's flora & fauna.

Mountains also provide us with many important goods, including wood, habitat for wild animals, water and clean air. Mountain ecosystems goes through complex processes that are maintained by the community of different species and their interactions between them and with the nature. .Those species are numerous. They comprise invisible microorganisms, unique species, small plants, trees, cryptic reptiles and amphibians, birds, and mammals. All these species produce organic matter, bind CO2, and produce oxygen.

Our partners 

Your help is instrumental in providing care and protection to forest and mountains.